Partial Catches (Fragments) Reported via PropNet

in the 24 hours ending at 2014-09-02 21:13 UTC on 10 meters

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Call Grid Band Score Age (dd:hh:mm:ss) UTC Time Fragment
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:00:00:052014-09-02 21:13:32e eS r,tr :deei
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:00:552014-09-02 21:12:42o ttCttt 2o tD ? o o ten?de -aeo r
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:01:592014-09-02 21:11:38te e o
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:00:03:512014-09-02 21:09:460il re eXa de / e t t? eD ==s t f A n et qt e ?iyesaele
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:00:03:542014-09-02 21:09:43te ode ne
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:04:442014-09-02 21:08:53e?P eio e=t ta(o eu o r ?.uem i i ott eeis e :h] m -i{r??? et$
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:00:05:352014-09-02 21:08:02 e ttNf At as Wr QDX et?5 CQDX DE PP5JLC PP5eo~C PP5JLC PSE c PueeA et et ??usen o ie Nm %teZ e
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:05:402014-09-02 21:07:57e= Q CQ CQ de km4aij km4aij ?4aij pse k
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:05:552014-09-02 21:07:42erano P ?eoot io M ee9wte a t 5eQ CQ de k
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:07:272014-09-02 21:06:10N e tea te ehap?W eln? o e ti o i#t De
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:07:552014-09-02 21:05:42>> CQ CQ CQ s o2MOL PU2eeOL
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:10:022014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:00:11:172014-09-02 21:02:20lor eo ie o p ?V=o ?eoDete nI !h t to Q e
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:12:552014-09-02 21:00:42eratf ei> ZenO a etieto iL iet tsoile n -uemad afde.aemne t l? yTtse=e
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:00:14:402014-09-02 20:58:57o erh le t nt eneiy en ?6 tn mns2Lo oR de iL e tg -(c:,: mtee ot n T i
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:16:512014-09-02 20:56:46o Xt a, =QDX CQDX DE PP5JLC PP5JLC PP5JLC PSE K >sbti 
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:17:022014-09-02 20:56:35bn?e fnCQDX CQDX CQDX DE PP5JLC PP5JLC PP5JLC PSE K? se lndcte r CQDX CQDXtpE
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:00:17:332014-09-02 20:56:04t e etot ee e o a l?f hr e =to t se Etfdeit d e ee eKheieo e e to 2 t
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters10000:00:17:382014-09-02 20:55:59ne- e or ee.e o0ro ti a etWB8ILI>hy:[en82oq]PHG422465/^CC5F
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:00:18:472014-09-02 20:54:50el z a-te rt tr6 i diee oao e ye oeHrri ta n oh ?me e?i eaDe l
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:18:542014-09-02 20:54:43a i Ri e tr ,ooonX CQDX DE PP5JLC PP5JLC PP5JLC PSE Kx n ce ioe odr e a ee> o
W5LAEM32VN10 meters000:00:19:422014-09-02 20:53:55ty e wnd?tt el CQDX DE PP5JLC PP5JLC PP5JLC PSE K t i~?inu
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:00:19:462014-09-02 20:53:51deeirCQDX CQDX CQDX DE PP5JLC PP5JLC PP5JLC PSE K
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:19:492014-09-02 20:53:48e?o ?t ee 2oeoed t C ?ere e Sn DE PP5JLC PP5JLC PP5e
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:20:242014-09-02 20:53:13m2te ?g s eliCQDX CQDX CQDX DE PP5JLa?P5JLC ?FJLC PSE at l , st= t e t oe
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:20:442014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:20:452014-09-02 20:52:52ie p =rH? tdeC- lee CQDX CQDX DE PP5JLC PP5JLC PP5JLC PSE KtU niy
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:00:20:452014-09-02 20:52:52?r n etee te t DX de POmWS?u e t oet et-=seaeieen au ei l y0 fe o tf th$atee? pW lot tu
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:20:462014-09-02 20:52:51T e t he n no r a ?t i?n o n A i DE P-]JLC PP5JLC PP5Je 7 PSE K zeheaPP
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:24:502014-09-02 20:48:47??ooEoeede ?a c)e?? ?!
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:00:27:002014-09-02 20:46:37 t1 eeiedi et ?eu-
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:00:27:202014-09-02 20:46:17nrt ty inbsde,9et s, etwa no ie ?e ie htho
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:30:262014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:30:352014-09-02 20:43:02cde aty a iiin
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:31:032014-09-02 20:42:34t -ao tndeeg? iNlse e$Meo t e? e da7e e & eo nt ae oe eo 7 T- a
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:32:512014-09-02 20:40:46Fdp?iIp o eew n? t pe ttn pc ?o oa3n?o?x3 nbdeo
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:33:272014-09-02 20:40:10AA5BE DE PP5XA SKSK
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:35:552014-09-02 20:37:42i eii eMe i ta te" eae ?o= irt s ea otr ? t=Bt deei ?sep ? ft o l I a
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:35:572014-09-02 20:37:40nes ke ai t de lu4jhf lu4jhf lu4jhf lu4jhf pse k 
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:36:162014-09-02 20:37:21AA5BE DE PP5XA PSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:36:482014-09-02 20:36:49i aoa ?eo tet4jhf lu4jhf lio{r jpse k nC e>dw? rfe ean bC te @ e^ F d
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:00:37:202014-09-02 20:36:17
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:00:37:412014-09-02 20:35:56iu e?ro roi u t t t i s^ iofe ?itS! tde e9rToio ?tttit= r.tweo to
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:38:162014-09-02 20:35:211t tf =a iBE DE PP5XA PP5XA PP5XA PSE K
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:39:142014-09-02 20:34:23= B niede oto a g i t $e t ete,BE AA5? de PU2WSE otU2WSQ
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:39:142014-09-02 20:34:23AA? AA5BE de -WSQ PU2.?
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:39:322014-09-02 20:34:05bt eVJLK de lus ef kn
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:40:012014-09-02 20:33:36teOoMt8BFres e o o AA5BE AA5BE DE PP5XA PP5XA PP5XA PSE K
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:40:022014-09-02 20:33:35 E AA5BMD?-redod e EAAt, (ae cBE DE PP5XA PP5XA PP5XA PSE K
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:40:182014-09-02 20:33:19.CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:40:192014-09-02 20:33:18.CQ D?dQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2Wwele teeE K
W7HDDM42JI10 meters2000:00:40:192014-09-02 20:33:18 e? DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ ot o2WSQ PSE K
W7HDDM42JI10 meters2000:00:40:192014-09-02 20:33:18 e? me o e i-u ,eodie stti nt e ??X CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ oreo2WSQ PSE K
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters2000:00:40:192014-09-02 20:33:18t2ea aM ?pth e wo eiQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSN PU2WSQ PSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:40:192014-09-02 20:33:18.CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PUCWSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:40:222014-09-02 20:33:15.CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ i ao2Wei
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:40:332014-09-02 20:33:04? r oia ode t=d nnn d
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:40:462014-09-02 20:32:51.CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WleA, =TWSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
W7HDDM42JI10 meters2000:00:40:462014-09-02 20:32:51eaieMe-dr e eo?tt = r =e t-DX CQ DX de =U2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
W7HDDM42JI10 meters2000:00:40:462014-09-02 20:32:51eaieaee-cr eee?t eOti= ?st X CQ DX de =U2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WS? PSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:40:462014-09-02 20:32:51- a fwCQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PUm ySQ PSE K
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:40:462014-09-02 20:32:51.CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX_e PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:40:472014-09-02 20:32:50btu EA7JLK de lu4jhf pn
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:40:472014-09-02 20:32:50btu EA7JLK de lu4jhf kn
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:40:472014-09-02 20:32:50btu EA7JLK de lu4jhf pn
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:40:482014-09-02 20:32:49btu EA7JLK de lu4jhf kn
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:00:40:502014-09-02 20:32:47sHtrl- i ee o , penontttX.CQ DX CQ DX CDX de PU2WSQ PU2KSe
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:40:502014-09-02 20:32:47-e dbee ? ntr=ie b ro .tse t a E t d roLCQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:40:592014-09-02 20:32:38eeta 7is ae edeVtT
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:41:022014-09-02 20:32:35eli etee e e lt t ? e ?opAS F e fae n)el?a ede lu4jhf
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:41:062014-09-02 20:32:31de km4aij k
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:41:082014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:41:342014-09-02 20:32:03a t tdeee=ta = yf oG e to he . oee e t a de s tee t?t
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:41:412014-09-02 20:31:5673's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de PU2WSQ SK
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:41:412014-09-02 20:31:5673's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de PU2WSQ SK
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:41:412014-09-02 20:31:5673's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de PU2WSQ SK
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:00:41:412014-09-02 20:31:5673's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de P52Q SK
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:00:41:412014-09-02 20:31:5673's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de P"2Q SK
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:41:422014-09-02 20:31:5573's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de -eWSQ SK
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:00:41:422014-09-02 20:31:5573's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de PU2ynQ SK
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:41:572014-09-02 20:31:40CQ 5e_ e
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:42:122014-09-02 20:31:25Thank you for QSO on BPSK 31 mode
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:42:122014-09-02 20:31:25Thank you for QSO on BPSK 31 mode.
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:00:42:122014-09-02 20:31:25you for QSO on BPSK 31 mode.
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:42:122014-09-02 20:31:25z hank you for QSO on BPSK 31 mode.
W5LAEM32VN10 meters000:00:42:122014-09-02 20:31:25Thank y? foe zlO on BPSK 31 mode.
W5LAEM32VN10 meters000:00:42:192014-09-02 20:31:18?zerz deMy de t ftiena Esteban
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:42:202014-09-02 20:31:17My dear friend Esteban
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:42:202014-09-02 20:31:17My dear frien t Esteban
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:42:212014-09-02 20:31:16My dear friend Esti
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:42:252014-09-02 20:31:12e ae boa- i 2 rOLt i? etcSe eeeete m sJ KM4Ap! de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:42:252014-09-02 20:31:12KM4AIJ KM4AIJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSE
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:42:252014-09-02 20:31:12k4nG fM4ASJ de PU2WSQ PU2Ri l
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:42:262014-09-02 20:31:11e?i-nGee r TKM4AIJ KM4AIJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:42:372014-09-02 20:31:00a d ytetto ar di attaP=vu ne ee hePtbDtW e - EPC rep-or etn EA7JLK de
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:42:372014-09-02 20:31:00de nms ai o k
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:43:142014-09-02 20:30:23ot sno? stt e ieee . i de e B e e ,?e are l? eJae
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:43:192014-09-02 20:30:18BeeU KM4AIJ KM4AIJ Esteban de PCnW PSE
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:43:192014-09-02 20:30:18BTU KM4AIJ KM4AIJ Esteban de PU2WSQ PSE
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:43:202014-09-02 20:30:17BTU KM4AIJ KM4AIJ Esteban de PU2WSQ PSE
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:43:202014-09-02 20:30:17BTU KM4AIJ KM4AIJ Esteban de PU2WSQ PSE
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:43:202014-09-02 20:30:17BTU KM4AIJ KM4AIJ Esteban de PU2WSQ PSE
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:43:212014-09-02 20:30:16et tcet ejhf lu4j" To4jhf lu4jhf pse k eKtt, 'otp cq de lu4jhf lu4jhf lu4jhf
W7HDDM42JI10 meters2000:00:44:152014-09-02 20:29:22iIJ KM4AIJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
W7HDDM42JI10 meters2000:00:44:152014-09-02 20:29:22n au t ,r KM J de PU2WSQ Pho SQ
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:44:152014-09-02 20:29:22e u5t b H alKM4AIJ KM4AIJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:44:152014-09-02 20:29:22KM4AIJ KM4AIJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:44:152014-09-02 20:29:22a 3e atMr t ]aeIH e e= a l eo o e eteo IJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:44:162014-09-02 20:29:214AbJ KM4AIJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters2000:00:44:162014-09-02 20:29:21ait It-t ee 3ett a?e .trtoM4AI sde PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:44:162014-09-02 20:29:21t ? ?ah o se t e e MrueJ KM4AIJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:44:312014-09-02 20:29:06de km4aij k
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:44:572014-09-02 20:28:40stra?i l_idastit er.? CQ DX CQ DX de PUm < PU2
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:45:002014-09-02 20:28:37o ? tee Hfle ?ACQ DX CE -X CQ DX d
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:45:192014-09-02 20:28:18?ef ieoa ?uooeno = t e iX CQ d} CQ DX de -?WSQ PU25bNe=U2WSQ E K
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:45:202014-09-02 20:28:17t oa en ?o7i =L pis?ooe tSae eX CQ/} CQ Dstde PU2W?M U2WSQ PU2WtPSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:45:202014-09-02 20:28:17cQ PSE K
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:45:202014-09-02 20:28:17eoe tia l o n eltnXo a aanlQ as =2ti CQ D47eoenett.b; PU2WuoVin eoN i eoE
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:45:222014-09-02 20:28:15,eeow Y tt n v i bX CQ DX h4 de PU2WSE h U2WSQ PU2
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:45:472014-09-02 20:27:50.h* -X CQ DX DX de PU2. PU2WSQ - WSQ PSE K
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:00:45:472014-09-02 20:27:50iotCQ hut ? DX}Q DXhr_ea; t i ee a eiee ur? t?'?e B eeDX CEt CQ a iooae t- eooe eo# e2W
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:45:472014-09-02 20:27:50to v? me iQ DX DX CQ Dy PU2WSQ PU2WSQ D.2tiIQ PSE K
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:46:132014-09-02 20:27:24i i eed esCQ DX h DX CQ DXhrHU2WSQ PUm?HU2WSQ PSE bc
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:46:142014-09-02 20:27:23;X sttCe CQ Dy dQ DX CQ ??HU2WSQ eitWSQ -eui i; oPSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:46:142014-09-02 20:27:23.CQ Ds DQ DX C? de PU2W? PU2WSQ -roTWSQ PSE K
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:46:172014-09-02 20:27:20efr tte eoEa . aea _aa eQ DX CEtd , de PU2WSE ?o2WSQ PU?
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:46:422014-09-02 20:26:55.CQ Dy ZE DX CQ DX de PZ-WSQ PU2WSE r U2WSQ DRE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:47:082014-09-02 20:26:29CQ CQ CQ de km4aij km4am4aij pse k
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:47:502014-09-02 20:25:47.CQ Dy dQ DX CQ Dy P ?2WSQ -tl2WSQ PU2.0Q PSE K
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:48:212014-09-02 20:25:16so e 4F de PU2. e a0- : z nde PU2WSQ PU?
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:48:242014-09-02 20:25:13Da e 3 e Taeaegeeoe a* o e X i=e e O apeo ee ?O a a.CQ DX CQ dX CQ DX de PU2
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:48:472014-09-02 20:24:50to tdt a t w Vtor t et a gett\ E r dQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2? e g?e 0g eg?e
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:48:552014-09-02 20:24:42CQ CQ CQ DE PP5XA PP5XFPP5XA PSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:49:252014-09-02 20:24:12CQ CQ CQ de km4aij km4aij km4aij pse k
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:49:312014-09-02 20:24:06eei res. eR tu ceo 2y nA5BE AA5BE DE PP5XA PP5XA PP5XA PSE K
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:49:342014-09-02 20:24:03de km4aij km4aij km4aij
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:49:402014-09-02 20:23:57ri? etrae oti a o uei ?o b ee ? e so t t tr tu ?oa oQ CQ
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:50:022014-09-02 20:23:35al l i tea 6 tj]? eaiiuinte e ?o trw r e odet B r dreit etnette tnrt
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:50:482014-09-02 20:22:4973?Good Luck and Good DX s. de PU2WSQ cK
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:50:502014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:51:182014-09-02 20:22:19?e nKyou foh*SO on ? 31 mode.
W5LAEM32VN10 meters000:00:51:192014-09-02 20:22:18Mae% SK 3c mode.
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:00:51:202014-09-02 20:22:17a te?rneoPdeelt eoe h a to?t t coe 8ttoldl ]o ot ia n l? et
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:51:322014-09-02 20:22:05leg t t nCa1 : n= e?eef yi Z1LZ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:52:012014-09-02 20:21:36a t a?iBeit e eee ?r tC te noiee sQ DE PP5XA PP5XA PP5XA PSE K
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:52:282014-09-02 20:21:09BTU LZ1LZ LZ1LZ Konstantin de PU2WSQ PSE e?E ot
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:52:302014-09-02 20:21:07B loZi? Ten ttntin de etWSQ PS
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:52:312014-09-02 20:21:06BTU LZ1LZ LZ1LZ Konstantin de PU2WSQ -SE
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:52:372014-09-02 20:21:00dehee toe oi ont e: tta ereotp e n? e
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:53:272014-09-02 20:20:10r m s Z LZ1LZ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:53:282014-09-02 20:20:09t?f a? nee1LZ de PU2WSQ P 2WSN
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:54:052014-09-02 20:19:32f ?lt mtia sdtoohe RZ? QRZ? QRZ? de PU2WSQ - PU2WSQ PSE
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:54:062014-09-02 20:19:31_lPU2WeoQ PUfSQ?.2WSQ re]Q DX C_D ut d rRZ? Q?1n de PU2WSQ - POhI?
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:54:192014-09-02 20:19:18de km4aij k
W5LAEM32VN10 meters000:00:54:492014-09-02 20:18:48i SmDX C .Tede WSQ PUmU oQ PSu ?
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:54:492014-09-02 20:18:48ECQ DX }t8 pPSE K
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:55:152014-09-02 20:18:22eeti ucbtnd Good D -'r .. de e U2WSQ SKlmi EK
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:55:162014-09-02 20:18:217seh d tsetiet tt lneQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
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N2NXZFN13CH10 meters000:00:55:232014-09-02 20:18:14.CQ DX CQ DX DQ DX a t
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:55:242014-09-02 20:18:13CQ CQ CQ de kmtoai: k
N2NXZFN13CH10 meters2000:00:56:112014-09-02 20:17:2673's Good Llck and Good DX's .. de PU2WSQ SK
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:56:112014-09-02 20:17:2673's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de PU2WSQ SK
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:56:112014-09-02 20:17:2673's Good Luck and Good DX's .. de PU2WSQ SK
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:56:122014-09-02 20:17:25i?e p e etsh t e seht eoe; De +eag ?? e-e f e ae t toda C h z e b ret o e s r? Mo
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:56:422014-09-02 20:16:55Thank you for QSO on BPSK 31 mode.
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:00:56:502014-09-02 20:16:47My dear friend Eugenio
W5LAEM32VN10 meters000:00:56:502014-09-02 20:16:47MT dear friend Eugenio
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:56:542014-09-02 20:16:43t,eia ttt?eae rs e (AN01RJ AN01RJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:00:56:542014-09-02 20:16:43gs_itt? te de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:00:56:582014-09-02 20:16:39CQ CQ CQ de km4a?iBg
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:57:202014-09-02 20:16:17CQ CQ CQ de km4aij km4aij km4aij pse k
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:57:312014-09-02 20:16:06CQ CQ de km4aij km4aij km4aij
W6CGHDM13BR10 meters2000:00:58:092014-09-02 20:15:28CQ CQ CQ de km4aij kl4aij km4aij pse k
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:58:092014-09-02 20:15:28CQ CQ CQ de km4aij km4aij km4aij pse k
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:00:58:182014-09-02 20:15:19a aa t-.oo per -tealt CQ de km'aij km4aij km4aij
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:58:372014-09-02 20:15:00BTU AN01RJ AN01RJ de PU2WSQ PSE
N2NXZFN13CH10 meters000:00:58:382014-09-02 20:14:59?eo ANa 1RJ Augs de PU2WS PSE
N2NXZFN13CH10 meters2000:00:59:292014-09-02 20:14:08 rl?tio vA?- 1RJ AN0 nJ de PU2WSQ PU2WS
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:00:59:302014-09-02 20:14:07P at N01RJ AN01RJ de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:00:59:312014-09-02 20:14:06AN01RJ AN01RJ de PU2tt oN PU2WSQ
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:00:59:402014-09-02 20:13:57ri,Q DX CQ DX de PU2O U2WSp
N2NXZFN13CH10 meters2000:01:00:012014-09-02 20:13:36CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WS+ PU2WSQ PU2WeeQ l SE b voa
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:01:00:032014-09-02 20:13:34iroS t nbX CQheX de PU2WSQ PHot?oQ PU nQ PSE Kl
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:01:00:032014-09-02 20:13:34.CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:01:00:082014-09-02 20:13:29n)de -t=Or of
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:01:00:232014-09-02 20:13:14cea?rA.CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:01:00:322014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:00:482014-09-02 20:12:49t o
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:01:00:552014-09-02 20:12:42,eo ereef ela h n 2 Q DX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PSE K
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters000:01:01:382014-09-02 20:11:59 me3m[oIoeoeee?u?ooox / 3p o? ?anSir po]?t o0 t? oe
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:01:01:402014-09-02 20:11:57ea o ae=tvat?ionte ihafeZ? de PU2WSQ - PU2WSQ PSE
W7HDDM42JI10 meters000:01:01:422014-09-02 20:11:55o e e e r De N s n? t o eoto nnt Paseeem?eaf i o?Tt e ohe a?te SE
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:01:01:422014-09-02 20:11:55QRZ? QRZ? QRZ? de PU2WSQ - PU2WSQ PSE
WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:01:02:132014-09-02 20:11:24oFt erese?v sin ?al seerh GC R alo1 - lX CQ DXP Q DX de PU2WSQ PO2WSQ PU2 PSE K
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:02:132014-09-02 20:11:24t ?oo - e tesDX CQ DX CQ DX de PU2WSQ PU2WSQ PU2WSoi PSE K
W5LAEM32VN10 meters000:01:02:132014-09-02 20:11:24-eFao rrX CW DX dezU2WSQ PU2WSQ Ptn2WSQ PSE K
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:01:11:132014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:11:272014-09-02 20:02:10toe r tt e o I V dei t tet neU telor2 e?y ui ii~e ee vr eau t ?i
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:12:282014-09-02 20:01:09Ineee: ?] ? ?e Tn?42/teeteee4
KF6XADM13JO10 meters2000:01:13:172014-09-02 20:00:20CQ CQ teQ de km4aij km4aij km4aij p
KF6XADM13JO10 meters000:01:13:262014-09-02 20:00:11CQ CQ CQ de km4a j km4aij km4aij
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:01:14:012014-09-02 19:59:36deeer
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:01:14:342014-09-02 19:59:03r= v oo r eateeoae nrde inM >e?nte tD t=t eee=e C r et eIte a]tt a
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W6CGHDM13BR10 meters000:01:16:182014-09-02 19:57:19e 5g de# wli= e td i -h e,t ter ?t e ti
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:01:21:252014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
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NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:01:23:332014-09-02 19:50:04CQ CQ de N6SBN N6SBN pse k
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NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:25:232014-09-02 19:48:14eeihW?f?yn itt? dee ti8a ii
NM4VFM06QR10 meters2000:01:25:352014-09-02 19:48:02CQ CQ de N6SBN N6SBN pse k
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NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:27:192014-09-02 19:46:18CQ CQ de N6SBN N6SBN pse k
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:27:252014-09-02 19:46:12tornaKt L? te dHsZst oe a i ep elCQ ?s " ne cN
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:27:252014-09-02 19:46:12 aQ de N6SBN N6SBN
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:28:052014-09-02 19:45:32tta s pfathe c nattCIfi4 . iet?o?telt CQ tet o tt ?iNgn t hee Q CQ t
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:01:32:062014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
WE2MFN32KV10 meters000:01:32:462014-09-02 19:40:51Y aee h eDe o@eeead tn i tFe e e eteeei
NM4VFM06QR10 meters000:01:34:022014-09-02 19:39:35enn or etgde? et ]no te 2t ei
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:01:42:492014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:01:52:322014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:02:03:142014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:02:12:552014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
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W5LAEM32VN10 meters2000:02:53:132014-09-02 DE W5LA W5LA - CALL ME
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WB8ILIEN82OQ10 meters2000:23:49:072014-09-01 21:24:30 VCQ CQ de PY5VC PY5VC
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KD0IOMEN41EX10 meters000:23:54:492014-09-01 21:18:48e eeteDee
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KA5DWIDM34UN10 meters000:23:58:212014-09-01 21:15:16otte n> Dt eoaoe de$b ttt nsdet tt=eeet -1ote aret e ?ne elt
KA5DWIDM34UN10 meters000:23:58:212014-09-01 21:15:16dteJ) aDEt mut ls te ea rto o yle oea +?ePet

What you see here is a list of the fragments, or partially received transmissions, heard by the reporting stations. Fragments having a "green" score were reported as probable catches.

Available options: band= call= and last=
After band= you can specify one band code. You can use the 2-letter band codes (case doesn't matter),
or numbers 160 80 60 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6 2 and 222 432 902 and 1296
After call= you can specify one callsign; only fragments received by that station will be shown.
After last= you can specify an interval (doesn't have to be an integer, either) in hours


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